The Frenchman, who earned his first points of 2019 in Bahrain with eighth place, insists that there’s much more to come once he’s fully comfortable with the car.
Gasly has been on the back foot at his new team since a big crash in Barcelona testing. A frustrating weekend in Australia saw him start 17th and finish 11th, while at Sakhir he qualified 13th and eventually earned eighth, helped by …Keep reading

As revealed over the Bahrain Grand Prix weekend, the FIA stewards and race director Michael Masi met with drivers to discuss how best to deal with rules of engagement in wheel-to-wheel racing.
It comes amid the battle to find the right balance between being too harsh with penalties that stops drivers fighting each other, or being too relaxed and letting bad behaviour creep …Keep reading

Norris has qualified in the top 10 for the first two grands prix of his career as McLaren has surprised itself with its strong form at the opening races. 
The British driver failed to finish in the points in Australia and expected another tough grand prix in Bahrain – but deservedly claimed his first top-10 finish, benefitting from Nico Hulkenberg’s late retirement to take sixth …Keep reading

I have found quite an interesting stat that you might want to know.

I turns out that Daniel's recent series of bad luck means he had the same amount of reliability DNFs (10) in just over one season (27 races) as Lewis Hamilton in his whole F1, GP2 and most of F3 career! I am only counting DNFs due to car breakdown, not crashes.

Ricciardo's DNFs:

2019 – 1 (Bahrain – power loss)

2018 – 6 (Mexico – hydraulics, USA – battery, Italy – clutch, Germany – power loss, Austria – exhaust, Bahrain – electronics)

2017 – 3 (Abu Dhabi – hydraulics, Mexico – Turbo, USA – engine)

Hamilton's DNFs:

2019 – 0

2018 – 1 (Austria – fuel pressure)

2017 – 0

2016 – 1 (Malaysia – oh no no)

2015 – 1 (Singapore – power unit)

2014 – 2 (Canada – brakes, Australia – engine)

2013 – 0

2012 – 2 (Abu Dhabi – fuel pressure, Singapore – gearbox)

2011 – 1 (Brazil – gearbox)

2010 – 1 (Hungary – gearbox)

2009 – 1 (Abu Dhabi – brakes)

2008 – 0

2007 – 0

2006 – 0 (GP2)

2005 – 0 (F3 – from what I read his only retirement in Zandvoort was caused by crash)

2004 – 0 (F3 – counted only last 8 races because I couldn't find info about previous 3 retirements that season)

So they both had 10 reliability DNFs – Daniel in last 1,5 year, Lewis in 14,5 years. 😀 It shows how important is picking right team in right moment – imagine how much retirements Hamilton would have if he reversed teams – Honda and Brawn in 2007-2009, Mercedes in 2010-2012 and McLaren in 2013-2019.

This stat also shows how much people remember only what they want – I keep reading that Lewis left McLaren due to reliability problems – he had 5 of those in 6 seasons, exactly the same as in first 6 seasons in Mercedes.

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As revealed by last weekend, F1 teams pushed forward with the idea of a four-session knockout qualifying at the recent Strategy Group and F1 Commission meetings.
Key to it getting ratification is computer simulation analysis that is now being done with teams to work out how the sessions would pan out – and whether or not drivers will have enough tyres to get through to the …Keep reading