Lewis Hamilton gratuliert Valtteri Bottas zur knappen Pole-Position. Die 0,006 Sekunden gehen aber noch enger, wie unsere Top 10 der knappsten Qualifyings der vergangenen 20 Jahre zeigt. Klick dich durch!

Lewis Hamilton congratulates Valtteri Bottas on the tight pole position. The 0.006 seconds are even closer, as our Top 10 shows the tightest qualifying sessions of the past 20 years. Click through!

( – At just six-thousandths of a second – or .006 seconds in numbers – Lewis Hamilton missed the pole position today at the Silverstone home race. Team-mate Valtteri Bottas snatched it from the British gossamer nose. According to Nico Rosberg are the equivalent of 41 centimeters – “so almost nothing”, as the German notes.

Formula 1 has thus experienced the tightest qualifying since 176 races. At that time Sebastian Vettel secured the home race at Hockenheim in 2010, the pole in front of Fernando Alonso. At that time the gap was only 0.002 seconds.

Reason enough for us to see what the ten tightest qualifying decisions of the past 20 years were. With it: A brother duel, team-internal fights and especially later became famous races – just like Hockenheim 2010. Keyword: “Felipe, Fernando is faster than you …”

Why we have limited this to the last 20 years has a simple reason. In the past, not even three decimal places were measured, which would have distorted the results. To the classification: In our statistic appears 15 times a lead of 0,0 seconds – 14 times of it until 1974.

The only exception is another famous race that unfortunately is out of our reach, but at least here should be mentioned: In Jerez in 1997 drove together with the two championship rivals Jacques Villeneuve and Michael Schumacher and Villeneuve’s teammate Heinz-Harald Frentzen three riders at the same time fastest lap.

Whether this was all right in view of the dramaturgy, there are still different views today …


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