( – Renault was able to fight back in the fight against McLaren and stay ahead of Silverstone in qualifying. Daniel Ricciardo came in seventh, best of the rest, leaving the competition in the midfield led by Lando Norris ( Formula 1 2019 live on the ticker ). “Rank seven feels good,” he laughs.

Daniel Ricciardo


For Daniel Ricciardo, the optimum was reached in seventh place Zoom

Actually, the Australian was not really satisfied with his lap because in some corners he felt that he could have driven faster. “So it was not perfect, but when I was told I was seventh, I was happy because that’s our fight,” he says.

For Renault, it is also a good comeback after the disappointment of Austria, where you clearly had the competition against the competition. “Our heads hung in Austria,” says Ricciardo. “Especially McLaren seemed to be far ahead of us and it’s really encouraging to strike back now.”

Renault reacts with set-up

This has been done mainly with a few changes to the car. According to Ricciardo, they have made changes in the high-speed area and went back to a better-known set-up, after they had last burned in Spielberg with some updates.

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“We have been forced to drive with relatively little downforce this weekend,” he reveals. Because with Renault one senses that one loses a higher output with slightly more air resistance than with the competition. “That’s why we’re tied to a little less downforce and stick with it.”

The problem with Renault: In slow passages you usually get along well, in faster something is missing – that can be compensated with this package something. “I looked at some data: in Maggotts and Becketts, we were not that fast,” says Ricciardo. Nevertheless, he sees in the package the only chance to record it in Silverstone with McLaren – apparently with success.

Ricciardo and the signs of aging

Ricciardo found it hard to believe that he would be able to beat the competition, especially after the weak training impressions and his yesterday’s failure, including a change of chassis after the second practice session. But already in the morning, the worries were wiped away: “The guys worked hard, and from the first lap the car felt a lot better,” he says.

It may also have something to do with Ricciardo’s first race at the age of 30. “I feel like I actually saw two crest peaks when I was supposed to see only one,” he jokes, referring to his age. “The vision gets a bit worse, but part of me says, the less you see, the faster you are.”

But seriously: In the race Ricciardo aims to keep the place. He sees chances at the top only at the start: “We are on the clean side, maybe I have a chance against Vettel, I do not know how Gasly starts, we’ll see,” he says. “But in the race it’s about seventh.”

McLaren should then be the main challenger again: “Their race pace will certainly be strong again, hopefully Nico can have a good start and disturb their rhythm, we need to make up some points.”


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