Ran into a Hamilton fan the other day and it was seriously hilarious.

Ham fan: so who do you prefer Seb or Lewis?

Me: none really, I like Verstappen to be fair

Ham fan: Ugh, you’re a Verstappen fan too now… so who do you like the most Seb or Lewis?

Me: I like Verstappen, can’t wait for the old guard to make way the younger lads and he’s a really exciting driver.

Ham fan: So do you prefer Seb or Lewis when it’s about the title fight?

Me: Well the title is more or less a given for Lewis so I’m not too bothered about it.

Ham fan: Yeah a shame Max can’t compete between them. So you prefer Lewis over Seb?

Me: Max is currently ahead of Seb in the championship, not sure what you’re on about.

Ham fan: So do you prefer Lewis or Seb?

For some reason as awkward as this person was it was quite an hilarious conversation. By trying to completely disregard Verstappen he’s showing that he absolutely hate it that he’s doing so well and now he’s holding onto the last remaining glory days of the two before the young guns take over. He must feel really sad on the inside haha.


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