Robert Kubica returned to Formula 1 this season with big expectations and great media hype. His return seemed almost impossible after a horrific rally that left him with permanent hand injuries. The Pole thinks Williams is responsible for making his comeback not as magnificent as it could be, because with a bad car he can’t show everything he is capable of.

After George Russell showed in Budapest that Williams had taken a step forward after a disastrous start to the season, Robert Kubica was completely lost again at the Hungaroring.

After the race, Kubica admitted that he himself did not know the true cause of his poor form.

When I tried to race with the settings Russell uses, it was even worse as his feeling in the car was completely different. George is pleased with the car’s behavior and I hope to find the right settings myself soon. The current situation is, however, as if we had two different plates in front of us. George is in a top-notch restaurant, and I make my own food.

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