(Motorsport-Total.com) – Although Honda is currently the most successful phase since its Formula 1 comeback a year (*************************************************************************************************************) will be active in the premier class. The current contract with Red Bull expires at the end of next season. Given the recent achievements, the chance to stay in Formula 1 (************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************)

Max Verstappen, Helmut Marko


Masashi Yamamoto (right) cheered 2019 already over two Honda victories Zoom Download

“There is not much we can do anymore,” explains Honda's formula -1 boss Masashi Yamamoto opposite 'Motorsport-Total.com'. Max Verstappen was able to clinch the first two victories for Honda this year since In addition, the Dutchman was several times on the podium and is the summer break World Cup third . According to Yamamoto, the Japanese are currently running “fairly on schedule.”

“We said we wanted to beat Red Bull's results from last year,” he recalls, explaining, “We have Not to say that we want to win five races, but we want to score more points than Red Bull the year before, and maybe five wins are possible. ” The statement to (********************************************************************************************************************************************) by Red Bulls Helmut Marko .

What makes the first Honda victory so special

Fernando Alonso once called the Honda drive a “GP2 engine”, but in Spielberg Honda has been the first time (**********************************************************************) again won a race Further Formula 1 videos

Red-Bull-Honda is currently up to date (**********************************************************************) World Cup points. A year ago it was at the same time with partner Renault only 20 counter , This is particularly remarkable, because only Verstappen scored well this year and team-mate Pierre Gasly did not manage a green branch in the first half of the season. As of Spa, the Frenchman will be replaced by Alexander Albon.

“I think it will encourage us to keep going,” Yamamoto said in light of both wins and position in the World Cup. There is currently a “very good mood” at Honda, and in Japan as well the results would be well received. Nevertheless, it is currently not clear when a decision will be made in the future with regard to the future in Formula 1.

(******************************************************************) The Formula One Driver Market for the Season (***********************************************************************************************)

Many cockpit for the Formula 1 season are currently not yet definitively awarded. That fuels the rumors and speculation in the Silly Season Further Formula 1 videos

“We're discussing it inside the company,” Yamamoto says, explaining, “But we can not say exactly when we'll [unsere Entscheidung] post.” End The factory team was then taken over by Ross Brawn, who with the troupe under the name Brawn GP 2015 Became a world champion.

back from McLaren, but because the results were missing, they parted after the season (*****************************************************) Since (********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************)

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