Formal Formula 1 tire supplier Pirelli rejects allegations that this year's slimmer tires are the reason for Mercedes' dominance of the season 280.

Red Bull's Chief Advisor Dr Helmut Marko has long harshly criticized the introduction of thinner tires before this season, believing that this change was only for Mercedes.

Tires also play a key role in this year's Formula One season, as most teams have great difficulty reaching the optimum temperature.

Marko points out that Mercedes is the only team that does not have such problems.

Mercedes is a huge asset because of this stupid tire change. Nine teams have problems and only they can use these tires optimally. It was they who demanded the change as they had enormous bladder problems. Fia favored them and thus destroyed the sport.

Formula One boss Pirelli Mario Isola thinks such allegations at the expense of the Italian manufacturer are unfounded.

“Thinner tires are not a cause for Mercedes dominance. In fact, they are very fast, but some other teams, such as Mclaren, Toro Rosso and Renault, have also made significant strides. Even looking at the previous seasons, some team had a better understanding of tires at the beginning of the year. Sometimes it's a Ferrari, sometimes it's a Mercedes or a Red Bull. “

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