(Motorsport-Total.com) – Alexander Rossi is still the last American to participate in a Formula 1 race. The later Indy – 620 – winner went in the season 02 in five races for Manor-Marussia to the Begin. Since then, the premier class is waiting for another pilot from the United States. This has not changed since Haas entered Formula 1.

Santino Ferrucci


Günther Steiner with ex-test pilot Santino Ferrucci in season 2019 (********************************************************) Zoom Download

Although had Haas with Santino Ferrucci in recent years a US test pilot. But he never made it to the grid. Among other things, they ask if there are talented pilots in the USA who have what it takes to make it into Formula One.

“There is, but currently It is difficult for American drivers to be successful in Formula 1, “explains Steiner, adding:” There were a few [Piloten] who were not interested in Formula One because it was better for them [in den USA] to stay and drive NASCAR. ” Because if you look at the career of Alexander Rossi, for example, this is also a warning example.

(**********************************************************************) Haas team in crisis: what's going on there? (****************************************************) The eccentric sponsor William Storey plays only a minor role in this analysis – Günther Steiner currently has many reasons to annoy … (*******************************************************************)

Santino Ferrucci

The today (****************************************************************************************) – Year-old drove in Europe, among others, in the GP3, the Formula Renault and later even runner-up in the GP2. Nevertheless, it was enough in Formula 1 only for the said five starts and some test missions. He never made the breakthrough. On his return to America, however, he won the Indy 2016 and is now an integral part of the IndyCar series

Also financially it is more lucrative for many pilots to stay in the USA. Because to make it in Europe in Formula 1, you usually have to bring a lot of money. “There are a lot of talents in NASCAR who could have become Formula One drivers as well, so it takes a lot of work and discipline to get to Europe,” explains Steiner


Haas Team



In front Support and ex-world champion Alan Jones in the Formula 1. It is a disaster, after a full season is over. [in den USA]

He recently joined Scott Speed ​​talked about this topic. Today 27 drove in F1 during the seasons (***********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************) for Toro Rosso, but was scored in the second year during the current season Sebastian Vettel replaced. “He told me that as an American, he simply did not want enough. […] He admitted he was not trying hard enough,” said Steiner.

Speed ​​was the first American since Michael (************************************************************************) Andretti in season (********************************************************************************************) 1 race went to the start. In the past 30 There were only four United States pilots in a premier-class race: Eddie Cheever, Andretti, Speed ​​and Rossi. The last US win by Mario Andretti even more than (********************************************************************************************) Years back.

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