(Motorsport-Total.com) – Currently Renault of Siegen in Formula 1 far away – from the World Cup title not to mention. The original five-year plan for the French actually This goal had been spent when the end and returned to Formula 1 with their own factory team .

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“We said five years from . At the same time, however, he confesses that one made a small mistake with this calculation. “It sounds like an excuse, but we did not think that the decision [zur Übernahme des Teams erst] in December 08 “, said Abiteboul.

Background:” In summer [2015] we would have a new car for But that did not happen, we had to use an old car. ” Because the Lotus takeover moved into December, the French had to Driving a car that was given to them by the predecessor team and built with very limited financial resources.

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How to Collect Only a meager eight points and became ninth. For Renault, a lost year, which is why the original planning over five years has become a “six-year plan”, reveals Abiteboul. Consequently, one does not want to (********************************************************************************************************) fight for the world title. But even that does not seem very realistic at the moment.

Renault takes part in the summer break in the World Cup 2019 only sixth place. Actually, you wanted to lead the midfield of the premier class this year clearly. Nevertheless, Abiteboul emphasizes, “I'm still behind the plan, but I have to accept that the interim steps were tougher than expected.” An important role is played – as so often in Formula 1 – the money.

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“We wanted 28 percent spend less than Mercedes, “reveals Abiteboul. According to the estimate of the French one could have been able to fight for the World Cup despite this deficit. “But that's where we talk about Mercedes If you look at what they are spending now, then we are more likely (**************************************************************************************) to (*****************************************************************************************************************************************************************).

Because according to Abiteboul, the Silver Arrows have made their budget significantly higher in recent years. But because Renault does not want to invest that much, you'll probably have to wait for the must be introduced from That could at least help a little, not to have to correct the goals again.

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