While in the Belgian GP race, new powertrains will be introduced at Mercedes, Honda and Renualt, it was somewhat unexpected at Ferrari that they decided not to use the new powertrain specification in the Belgian GP race .

Ferrari will be launching its new powertrain for the first time next week at a home race in Monza, and according to unofficial data, Ferrari is set to send a new powertrain to Maranella due to some concerns about reliability additional testing. Sebastian Vettel explained why they would wait with the new powertrain before the race in Spa:

“The plan is clear to us. We will not have a new powertrain in Spa yet. Once we have established that there is a gap, it is crucial that we reach the right conclusions. This will take some time. In the second half of the season, it will be even more important to see how things are going in the right direction. Next year, the rules will be more or less the same. Now we have to catch up with them and take a step forward. “

Ferrari is betting all its cards on a home race in Monza, where Scuderia wants to take advantage of, and further increase, the raw power of the powertrain that Ferrari has been showing throughout the season. The new powertrain, combined with the new fuel developed by Shell, will bring additional 20 horsepower.

Ferrari is by 12. the races of this season are still without a win, and on paper, the next races in Spa and Monza are expected to best match the technical characteristics of this year's Ferrari car.

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