(Motorsport-Total.com) – Lewis Hamilton is pleased about the contract renewal of Valtteri Bottas at Mercedes. Apart from the driving skills, he praises the mutual respect and self-criticism the Finn has. Above all, the positive energy in the team was thanks to Bottas available. The (****************************************************************************************************************************************************************)

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“Well, he makes me look so good, because he looks older than me, but he is younger,” jokes Hamilton about the benefits of remaining in Bottas in the team. Seriously added, the Briton describes why he himself welcomes the deal: “Honestly, I believe that respect is very important between us.”

That is by no means self-evident – ” especially if you are so competitive, “adds Hamilton. He has had to deal with very different team-mates in the past, from Fernando Alonso to Nico Rosberg. With Bottas on the racetrack there was still no too sensitive scene, the relationship of the two is still intact.

Hamilton stands out: ” We are similar in many ways ” Hands, “rejoices the five-time world champion. In addition, Bottas brings a great energy into the team, he found. In any situation, the feeling is “uplifting” after a race or qualifying. “Then no one in the team is cut down, he brings no negativity.”

Another feature that speaks for Bottas: his self-criticism. “He's very self-critical, so am I. That's a very high quality, because you often have to keep your finger on yourself, so we're very similar in many ways,” notes the World Championship leader from the “great” racer Bottas.

Hamilton expects the 620 – yearlings will increase even more: “He is now [drei] years behind me, so he will continue to be even better, I'm glad that we drive together for another year.” Of course, the defending champion knows that a brave teammate can be decisive in the championship fight.


(**********************************************************************) Why Mercedes chose Bottas

We analyze the background of the Mercedes decision instead of continuing with Esteban Ocon (*********************************************************************) Further Formula 1 videos

“Imagine sitting next to someone you do not want to sit next to,” he smiles. “And then there's someone with whom you get along well, even though you're tough competitors, and that's especially affecting the people around you,” Hamilton believes.

Therefore, he is currently able to report on a “great” atmosphere in the team. That is the key to success. “I think that's what Toto always wanted and Mercedes too, it's never going to be perfect, but at the moment it works well.”

As the Bottas deal finally Thursday Hamilton even congratulated him with a message: “Yes, he sent me a message when he heard it, I think so far we have been a good team and I think we will be in the future,” he affirms Hamilton's words.

Announcing a piece of the heart, after all, he had to shiver for weeks, if not comes to the train. “This is definitely what I wanted, it makes me very happy that finally everything is done.”

Last weekend he signed the contract. This has its Birthday on Wednesday even sweetened. On Tuesday evening was celebrated vigorously, as can be seen from his Instagram profile. “The party was good.

The Mercedes contract was thereby doubly reason for joy – and celebration – been. “Yeah, of course, I already knew it, it was nice to get into it with the closest circle.” However, the time in the summer break was uncertain. “In this sport you never know until you have signed anything, anything can happen.”

Everything was discussed very openly, the whole situation between him and Ocon, reports Bottas. He was notified of the decision last weekend. Before that, he also tried for other options. Because: “In this sport you do not want to stay between two chairs.”

He therefore has a Plan B worked out. Concrete talks with other teams, he commented on Thursday, however, not. “But then it went in the right direction and I saw that it was better to sign up here, it makes me very happy, also in the future, now I do not have to worry anymore.”

Now he could concentrate fully on driving. He had analyzed his partially mixed first half of the season exactly. “Before we all went on vacation, we looked at everything again.” Therefore he will try to learn from all mistakes.

Bottas about 2019 so far: “Could have been better”

How Previously mentioned by Hamilton, Bottas is self-critical in his analysis: “I think I could have done better or we as a team should have been better.” His level at the beginning of the season was “very good”, but his performance has not dropped since then.

“These were just a few strange races and a few mistakes, of course that go on my cap – that did not exist at the beginning of the season. ” He addresses among other things the failure in Germany. His goal for the rest of the season is clear: “To be as strong as possible.”

In the World Cup ranking is Bottas (*********************************************************************) points behind Hamilton back. If he wants to prevent the Brit from renewed title defense, then he must drive at his best possible level. “I know what I'm capable of when I'm in good shape, but the hard part is getting there first.” Nachsatz: “I have the belief that I can be strong for the rest of the year.”

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