Porsche has another milestone with the international vehicle premiere of the Porsche (******************************) X Electric on the way to factory entry into the ABB FIA Formula E Championship 2020 / 2020 reached. At the unveiling of the vehicle, the digital community was actively involved in the live video game “Formula E Unlocked” at twitch.tv/Porsche.

“Formula E Unlocked”: Vehicle premiere with digital community

At the vehicle presentation with players from all over the world, the Porsche regular drivers Neel Jani and André Lotterer played a central role: they were guided through the premises of the Porsche Digital GmbH in Ludwigsburg by means of concrete instructions from the players' community to attend the Porsche To find and then uncover X Electric.

“It was a unique vehicle presentation that the motorsport world has never experienced before. It was great fun, together with the players on this virtual-real search for the Porsche Electric to go. It's great that Porsche is breaking new ground here and integrating the young, digital generation, “says Jani. “Vehicle premiere with a difference: Working together with Neel as a live player has given me a lot of pleasure. It's great that we communicate with the digital audience on an equal footing, making them part of the whole, “says Lotterer.


From (********************************************************) August is the highlight clip of the “Formula E Unlocked” video game under newstv.porsche.com available.

The TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team is forming

The TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team welcomes another member of the Porsche family in its ranks. Pascal Zurlinden, since Formula E. The native Frenchman is since 2014 at Porsche in the development center in Weissach in use, first in the LMP1 project and since in the GT area

“I look forward to being part of the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E team in the future and to supporting my colleagues with my experience. The concept of Formula E is very interesting and different from traditional motor sport series. A new and exciting task, which I am very happy about. Of course, it's nice to see so many familiar faces from LMP1 times and work with the team again, “says Pascal Zurlinden.

The Porsche X Electric “Today is a significant day. With the vehicle premiere of Porsche closer. I am very proud of our team, which has a strong commitment to the Formula E project. Now I'm looking forward to seeing the Porsche , Head of Porsche Motorsport and Group Motorsport Volkswagen AG.

“Today, the Porsche , says Pascal Zurlinden, Overall Project Manager Factory Motorsport. “The naming and design give the vehicle a character and bring it to life as it were. It is a special day for all those who have put a lot of work into the Porsche Formula E project in recent months. “

In terms of design, the classic Porsche motorsport colors were chosen for the Formula E racing car. From a bird's eye view, the Porsche crest around the Halo system is clearly visible. As usual, there are three numbers in the name, which stand for Porsche racing cars and two-door series sports cars. The highest number, nine, was awarded twice to underline the importance of the Formula E project for Porsche, while the X stands for forward-thinking and prototype racing. The Porsche (************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

Competitive: “Porsche E-Performance Powertrain”

The development of the powertrain called “Porsche E-Performance Powertrain” has played a key role right from the start. For the Formula E regulations prescribes the unit chassis and a standard battery, the drive technologies, however, are self-developed by the manufacturer. The engineers were able to draw on experience from the LMP1 in the development of the Porsche Formula E powertrain. Hybrid technology has paved the way for electromobility.

“Looking back, we laid the foundation for Porsche's future commitment to Formula E during the LMP1 project. We incorporated the knowledge gained during this time into the development of the Porsche Formula E powertrain. We have focused on building a highly efficient powertrain with the highest efficiency, “says Malte Huneke, Technical Project Manager Formula E. (Formula 1) (******************************************************************************************) – Volt technology is also used in the first all-electric production sports car from Porsche, the Taycan. Energy management and efficiency are important success factors both in Formula E and in series production. This is where the permanently excited synchronous machine comes into play, which plays an important role in the optimization of the drive concept.

“Over the past few months we have been able to test the reliability of our Formula E powertrain on the race track as well as on the test stands. We are very satisfied and are optimistic about the final preparations for the first race, “says Huneke. “In the coming weeks, we will now focus on the performance of the Porsche This is the next step in the direction of Porsche's factory entry into Formula E, “explains Amiel Lindesay, who is now in charge of Formula E operations. The first official appearance of the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team will be in mid-October 2019 at the Formula E Test in Valencia (ES) , “There, for the first time, both Porsche Be use. From an operational point of view, this will be an exciting task for all concerned. A good test for our first Formula E race in November, “says Lindesay.

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