Car racing has always been considered a dangerous sport that, even in its early years, ended many lives. This time, the life of French Formula 2 driver Anthoine Hubert has been extinguished at Spa Francorchamps. Lewis Hamilton noted on this occasion that some were too little aware of the dangers of motorsport.

The FIE reported that Correa was in stable condition and then officially confirmed , that young racer Hubert died in hospital at 18: 35. It was a good hour after Juan Manuel Correa collided with him on the track in Spa. The fatal accident occurred in the second round, on the corner of Raidillon.

Hamilton describes the event as extremely tragic and expresses condolences on social networks to his family:

»Rest in peace, Anthoine. You and your family are in my prayers and thoughts. “

As a result of yesterday's accident, Lewis Hamilton pointed out that motorcycle risk is still high and that it should be made more aware.

»If any of you watching and enjoying this sport think for a second that what we are doing is safe, strongly annoyed. All of these drivers are at stake when they hit the track, and people have to start really appreciating that. Not fans or some people who work in the sport don't appreciate it enough. “

The five-time world champion sees Anthoin as a hero because he pursued his dreams despite the dangers of racing:

“In my opinion, Anthoine is a hero because he was willing to risk pursuing his dreams. I am very sad that this has happened. Let's elevate it and keep it in memory. Rest in peace, brother. “

Many others in the world of motorsport also paid tribute to Hubert, and Formula 2 canceled Sunday after a tragic death in tribute to the deceased racer race.

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