(Motorsport-Total.com) – 0, 220058 Seconds ahead of a lap are literally worlds in F1. That's exactly what Charles Leclerc achieved on Saturday in the qualifying for the Belgian Grand Prix (***********************************************************************) secured the pole position in Spa-Francorchamps .

Charles Leclerc


Charles Leclerc

When Leclerc exulted over his poles, Hubert's tragedy had not yet happened Zoom Download

Second fastest in Q3 was Leclerc's Ferrari team-mate Sebastian Vettel, who in turn was Mercedes driver and championship leader Lewis Hamilton at just 0, 90 For the first time since the Bahrain Grand Prix five months ago, Ferrari starts again with both cars from the front row.

So far, the Reds from Maranello have had a clear grip on Belgium for the weekend one of the two Ferrari drivers was the fastest in every session so far. Vettel had the upper hand in the first free practice on Friday morning. However, since the FT2 on Friday afternoon, Leclerc has been watching the scepter on a fast lap. The Monegasse also set the best time in the FT3 on Saturday morning after Friday's best time of the day and was also ahead in all three segments of qualifying.

Ferrari explains excitement about Leclerc car in Q1 and had formed a human wall. The free view of the SF blocked. A little later, the team explained, “We did a couple of checks on the front wing and they need to be done at the Parc Ferme under the supervision of the FIA.”

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After the brief excitement, Leclerc continued to dominate this weekend. In the crucial Q3, he starts with a 1: (*****************************************************************************************), Round of six. In the second and decisive run in this last segment he increased then – without slipstream – still on 1: 41. 519.

Thus, the Monegasse remained a little more than a second above the existing spa track record, the Vettel in the previous year in Q1 with 1: 41 (. *********** Had set up ************************** More importantly, however, is that Leclerc has left all competitors including Vettel clearly behind.

Why Leclerc drove the pole lap without slipstream At this time, he still knew nothing of the tragic death of his former companion Anthoine Hubert as a result of the Heavy accident in the Formula 2 race his qualifying without the knowledge of the subsequent tragedy in the frame race quite sober as “quite tricky”, because: “Especially in Q3 I had problems .. The first part of the round was as always not easy because there is a lot of traffic on the track But in the end I managed to do a very good lap and I am satisfied. “

Charles Leclerc


Alone on the floor: Without Slipstream with 0, 501 (*****************************************************************) Download 501

Asked about his big lead of about three quarters of a second on team-mate Vettel, Leclerc openly admits: lie.” However, the qualifying did not go quite as planned for Vettel as the German 19083120 Speaking of slipstreams. He deliberately did without Leclerc in the decisive Q3 run because he let the team know: “Just send me out when the car is ready.”

“Of course I did However, on my first try in Q3, the tires did not feel ready before turn 1. I lost a lot of time so I asked before the second lap to go out when the car was done “I wanted to do it on my own, without leeches,” explains the poleman.

Herbert & Rosberg await Leclerc victory – Sooner or later missed it twice already. At the Grand Prix of Bahrain in Sachir he lost the already believed triumph by a late cylinder defect. At the Austrian Grand Prix in Spielberg, Max Verstappen snatched away the lead three laps from the end and thus the hoped-for maiden title.

“Many wish him to win the race,” says Ex-Formula 1 driver Johnny Herbert, now an expert in 'Sky Sports F1' in anticipation of the Belgian Grand Prix on Sunday. “We see his talent and how he is getting better and better,” said the Brit, the Leclerc as “favorite” for the victory in Spa called.

“Yes, the Mercedes have looked very good on the longruns, but I guess the cards will be reshuffled, “notes Herbert, alluding to the weather. At the time of the race, the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps is still predicting drought but also lower temperatures than on Saturday. So only with (**********************************************************************************************) to Degree Celsius air temperature expected.

And so also Mercedes Motorsport Director Toto Wolff already said directly after qualifying: “We have a strong race car and we know that they are [Ferrari] normally in the However, the low temperatures are likely to play their part in the cards. “

With polesetter Leclerc in mind, one thing is not certain for Herbert. “He is certainly hungry to get this first victory,” says the Briton. And Nico Rosberg is also convinced that Leclerc's first win “will be a very important milestone for him”, whenever this is sealed. Apart from this statement, Rosberg analyzes the explosive Ferrari team duel in his latest video blog (**********************************************************************) and encourages you to 19083117 (**********************************************************************************************************) Leclerc himself in his forecast looks particularly excited about the race. “I've been fast here since the first practice but when we did the race simulation in FT2, I was not that fast, so I do not think it will be easy, we will try everything, of course But that does not mean that will be the same in the race. “

Because he has been doing his homework since the last race before the summer break but especially in the tire management sector , Leclerc is hoping to be stronger in the race than at the Hungaroring, where he was “only” fourth with more than a minute behind winner Lewis Hamilton – behind team-mate Vettel

. )

“I have analyzed quite a lot since Hungary,” says Leclerc, adding, “Maybe the whole topic was bigger than it was, but there was definitely room for improvement. Let's see how it works here Anyway, I've changed a few things Although these are only small things, at this level it is the details that make the difference. We'll see in the race if it works better now. “

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