Lewis Hamilton was at the moment when a fatal accident occurred on the track at Spa Francorchamps precisely in the discharge of his media obligations. The British is visibly shocked to interrupt an interview on Spanish television…

“Espero que esos chicos estén bien”

Decía Hamilton mientras veÃía de reojo el accidente de la F2 cuando dab la entrevista en el corralito. pic.twitter.com/hl0H1ZD1Tu

– ? 【ALERTA RACING】 #BelgianGP ?? (@AlertaRacing) August 31 , 2019

Lewis Hamilton reacts with shock as a fatal F2 crash takes place during a live interview https://t.co/cDt9Lp0MKL pic.twitter.com/KBBKa3itIs

– The Independent (@Independent) September 1, 2019

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