Sebastian Vettel, who finished fourth in the Italian GP in Monza, wasted all the chances of a better result in the first round when he collided with Lewis Hamilton in the second chic and fell at the beginning of the starting line.

As the Iceman cooly raced away in P1, the battle behind him was ? # ItalianGP ?? # F1 pic.twitter.com/6moPJjUnKu

– Formula 1 (@ F1) September 5, 2019

Vettel said after the race:

[su_quote] I tried to overtake Kimmy, but I was a little too far away and didn't want to do anything stupid. Then Lewis interfered, leaving me too little space and I could do nothing else. I tried to solve the situation, but it was too late and I turned. From that point everything was fine and our car was very fast. Of course, the resolution is not ideal, but it could be much worse. [/su_quote]

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