After the Monza race, Lewis Hamilton acknowledged that Charles Leclerc's victory was well deserved, and the Briton was not satisfied with the work of the commissioners, who had not been sentenced to five seconds' penalties for aggressively defending the situation.

Hamilton, who finished third in the Monza race, attacked the leading Leclerc after boxing stops, and Monacan aggressively defended his position in the second chic. Hamilton drove to the excursion zone and commissioners showed Leclerc a warning.

Following the race, Hamilton noted that the Commissioners had already imposed a time penalty in the past for such maneuvers.

“We always talk about consistency in decisions, but they always decide differently. They set a rule, which they did not follow today because they took into account different circumstances. Verstappen was penalized for a similar maneuver last year, and it was said at the time that they would strictly follow this rule. I don't know why they decided otherwise today. Maybe they woke up on the other side of the bed. “

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