(Motorsport-Total.com) – The McLaren team is seventh with and 14 in qualifying to the Grand Prix of Italy. Team boss Andreas Seidl sees the two goals achieved on Saturday. His pilot Carlos Sainz comes away with a warning for slow driving, teammate Lando Norris has to start from the very back on Sunday.

Lando Norris, Carlos Sainz


Norris and Sainz show that they master teamwork Zoom Download

“We're pretty happy with the result of qualifying today, because we've definitely taken a step forward since Spa,” says the German , In Belgium, the team with the low output package did not manage to get into Q3.

“We saw that some cars were ahead of us, Renault was stronger as well, and now we could learn the lessons We also took a step forward in terms of longrun and in qualifying we achieved everything we wanted “, says a happy Seidl

Norris: “Underestimated Carlos' Speed ​​a bit” Lando should be lying in front of Verstappen and Gasly. ” Both his pilots could fulfill. Norris helped in the middle qualifying session.

The Briton donated his Spanish team-mate Windschatten, which allowed him to finish seventh. “For Lando it was clear that this weekend would be hampered by the engine penalty , which was really great teamwork!”

“We practiced this morning to prepare for it, but we were a bit too close to it, I underestimated it a bit, the speed it had behind me, it had to slow down and I had to get out of the way “, Norris describes the situation. That was a bit “hairy”.

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Nevertheless, Sainz made it to the top (***************************************************************************). Norris drove to Q2 (*********************************************). Place and was at 0, 20 seconds faster than Pierre Gasly in Toro Rosso. Since Max Verstappen retired in Q1, Norris will start on rank (Red)

“We have achieved everything, tomorrow we want to score points,” Seidl points out. What will be possible for the Brit from the penultimate start row? “To be honest, it's very difficult to say that we've had a good car in the race since the start of the season.”

Should Norris make a good first lap, it will be possible to finish in the points Seidl believes. “A lot can happen in the first lap, especially in Turn 1 or 2.” The rookie himself wants a start like in Belgium.

Sainz: “Renaults are superior to us”

Due to the skirmish between Kimi Raikkonen and Verstappen he could win some positions in the first corner and would have finished in fifth place without a defect. “I'd like to overtake six guys in Turn 1,” he laughs.

“Although this is Monza, you can not overtake here so well, because in the Parabolica is difficult to drive the rear I'll do my best and hope I finish in the points. ” Teammate Sainz has even better cards from seventh on the grid.

He came in Q3 with a (***************************************************************************) Warning of it, keeps P7 so. He is even convinced that he could have gone even faster: “This I drove without leeches Maybe a can take half a second. “


Grand Prix of Italy – Saturday

With 1: 20. “The Renaults are simply superior to us with their lower downforce package, but tomorrow with the good race pace we might have a chance.” He regrets being the only McLaren to have to fight against both Renaults before him.

“It's always better to fight two against two, but we'll try our best. to beat them, even if they have the upper hand right now. ” In the official Formula 1 analysis, the McLaren racecourse is 0.9 seconds behind leader Mercedes, with Renault just behind with 1.1 seconds.

The new Renault engine, which both have in use, work well. However, the improvements are “quite small,” Norris states. “A little more performance and better reliability, but nothing that makes us leap forward.” If the weather changes tomorrow, then he could break the Parc-ferme rule, have some rebuilds on the car and start from the pit lane.

“I would welcome rain. that something is going to happen, a good chance for us, “says Sainz. Already in the rain battle in Hockenheim, the Spaniard was well on the way and finally landed in fifth place.

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