Canada has had two for me really poor races in a row. The lack of tire deg, lack of different tire strategies has really hurt the race. The only really interesting part was Hamilton’s relentless catch up to Vettel and pressuring him into a mistake.

Not as bad but Italy was fairly dull besides again Hamilton just applying relentless pressure for the win.

Then Bottas on the superior strategy I mean the sheer number of comments along the lines of “he’ll close but he’ll never make a move”, we all knew immediately that he had no chance and then when he finally got into DRS he blew it the first lap while Ham sat in DRS for most of the race.

He keeps up a pressure and interest in a race that few others can. Too often a track is really just too favoured to one car and it’s a bit dull up front. Ham has the pace to take Merc and fight here, and Max also has that ability to take fights to cars, keep tires in and just maintain a pace others can’t. Austria this year, Brazil last year.

Leclerc is still in effect, new, but his race pace is strong and his quali pace is great. AS his race pace increases a little you feel he’ll be able to do the same. Unfortunately due to the style of car, straight line rocket, lower downforce and not great on tires the Ferrari just isn’t really the right car to push hard at the non power tracks.

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