(Motorsport-Total.com) – Max Verstappen experienced his two weakest races of the season in Spa and Monza 2019. Having previously finished all races in the Top 5 this year , he retired in Belgium after a collision in the first corner. In Italy he had to start because of a grid penalty from the very back and was only eighth. But father Jos Verstappen reveals that Max's race was not all that bad.

“If you look at his Turning around lap times, they were as fast as the top two finishers, “he told Ziggo Sport, adding:” He has not given up and showed that the car is going in the right direction – especially on a track that is not I think it looks good for the rest of the races this season. “

The fact that Verstappen in Monza was not more than eighth was possible together that there was a contact already in the first corner, in which he his frontflü gel damaged. However, Jos Verstappen believes that you can not blame your son. “It has been seen that Max drove very slowly,” said the Dutchman


Photo gallery: Italy: driver's notes


Sebastian Vettel (6): About the driving performance on the weekend (Leclerc he could not hold the water) we do not even have to discuss. Blind driving back to the track and risking a serious accident is an absolute no-go. Especially for a four-time world champion. Photo gallery

“He could not go anywhere, although he already braked and he did not expect that, so unfortunately it came to the touch, “he shrugs. But he firmly believes that it will look quite different at the upcoming race again. “It was a good year in Singapore,” he recalls

“This looks very positive for us and I think we can fight for victory there [außerdem] is always good in Mexico, the US and Brazil, so there are a few more races we can perform in, “he explains optimistically. At the same time, he also believes that Max will collect at least one more grid penalty this season.

“I think we'll have to change the engine this year with one more race” he muses. In Singapore, this will not happen on schedule. And the race after next in Suzuka is not an option either. Because at the home race in Japan, partner Honda will want to avoid a motor penalty at any price.

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