Last week I received an email to say I had won a McLaren VIP tour, obviously as a life long McLaren fan I was a little bit taken back by the opportunity and was super excited!! I took some photos in the areas we were allowed and have posted a selection here (forgive some of them as we were not allowed to include the ongoing production in the background – current F1 chassis, more on this later)


After arriving and waiting for all involved to assemble we got the chance to had a photo with the senna statue


Then it was along the boulevard to admire the awesome machines on display along with some history and back story


Other areas of the tour included the trophy corridor, heritage and current F1 chassis work stations where we met and spoke to Neil Trundle for approximately 30 mins (I can not begin to describe how amazing this was for me for a number of reasons. but this mans knowledge surpasses anyone I have ever spoken to with regards to F1 and racing in general), an up close look over the chassis used in Monza last weekend (Lando Norris’ – chassis number 4) and a brief view of the loading bay as the remaining team members and kit from Monza were returning.

After this we were taken by our host to see the lego 720s along with another walk past the trophy corridor and up to the VIP lounge for lunch and a surprise visit from Lando Norris who talked us through his prep for the upcoming race in Singapore, after a group photo he had to get back to the sim and our time was almost up 🙁


A truly amazing experience, I can not thank McLaren enough for the opportunity and Lando for taking some time to visit us


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