Alfa Romeo Sports Director Beat Zehnder admitted after the Italian GP that Kimi Raikkonen received a 10-second Stop & Go penalty  his mistake, which he deeply regrets.

Raikkonen finished 10th in qualifying, and had to start the race in Monza to change gears. The Finn would have to start on the tires he had qualified for, and after a major mistake by the Alfa Romeo team, Raikkonen started the race with a new set of medium tires.

A Finnish veteran received a 10-second Stop & Go penalty and his race was compromised

Alfa Romeo’s Beat Beat Zehnder said after the race:

This is the biggest mistake in 25. years of my career in Formula 1. I should know that we have to start on red tires. Of course, after the penalty, Kimi’s race was over and I had already apologized for the mistake. Such things must not be repeated.

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