World Champion of the Season 2016 Nico Rosberg is convinced that what happened after the qualifying incident was behind the closed doors of Ferrari's residence in Monza, despite Charles Leclerc's pole position.

Sebastian Vettel, who provided shelter to Charles Leclerc in his first attempt, revealed by qualifications that Monacan should have returned the favor in his second attempt, which Leclerc did not want to do.

Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto said to his guard Charles Leclerc after a magnificent victory in Monza by radio: “Perdonato” or “You are forgiven”.

Rosberg is convinced that Binott's words indicate a heated event behind the closed doors of Ferrari's garage.

“I am convinced that Ferrari was extremely hot and tumultuous in terms of qualifications. Sebastian was furious and I think he made that clear too. Obviously, Binotto Leclerca was also badly hurt for disobedience, and after winning he tried to smooth things out a bit. “

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