Cutting edge technology in the world’s fastest motorcycle racing Championship on show in Amsterdam

The International Broadcasting Convention is one of the most important broadcast industry and digital trade shows in the world and the most influential, visited by over 50,000 people. This year some of the cutting edge technology in MotoGP™️ takes centre stage thanks to the sport’s innovative broadcast and digital partners who keep the world’s fastest motorcycle racing Championship ahead of the game.

Technological and digital excellence are high on the agenda for MotoGP™️, with partners from TATA, Gopro and JVC Kenwood to Lawo, Vislink and Fujifilm making the sport a true point of reference. At IBC2019, four of the most vital partners for the Championship showcase some of the most jaw-dropping technology and innovation, with Audio-Technica, SONY, Vizrt and BT Sport putting on some incredible displays.    

Audio-Technica are a new partner for MotoGP™️ in 2019, bringing the sound of speed to a global audience. The Japanese company supply the microphones for MotoGP™️, from on-track to off, ensuring every decibel of the spectacle reaches every spectator. With a full panorama of microphone and sound solutions rolled out from the Gran Premio Red Bull de España, MotoGP™️ audio technology has reached a whole new level. In addition, work is already underway on engineering solutions for the future both on-track and OnBoard, designed to bring fans into the heart of the race like never before with 5.1.4 multichannel audio aimed at creating a truly immersive experience.

SONY, meanwhile, are a long-standing partner of MotoGP™️. This year the legendary brand show jaw-dropping 8K HDR footage of the stunning Italian Grand Prix at Mugello – an unmatched visual experience for any viewer, with detail that has to be seen to be believed.

Vizrt are another vital part of MotoGP™️. Designing and developing software for TV graphics, the company is also a worldwide leader in real-time 3D graphics. At IBC2019, Vizrt have a world first. A real Ducati MotoGP™️ machine is displayed on their stand, with a model of the same bike in 3D UHD-HDR displayed on a big screen – allowing the viewer to see reflections and light changes on the model in real time. The latest version of Vizrt’s Engine4 software is used to achieve this, making the 3D model appear incredibly real as it mirrors the physical bike in perfect sync.

At BTSport, one of MotoGP™️’s biggest broadcasters brings the track action to IBC2019. The British company have shown the San Marino GP live throughout the weekend, and on Monday will showcase a special feed of Silverstone in 4K HDR and HD HDR. Both are recorded are a demo, with immersive audio captured with Audio-Technica microphones. 

With such incredible partners and innovation on show at IBC2019, technology in MotoGP™️ seems sure to keep reaching new heights year on year.

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