World Champion of the Season 1998 Jacques Villeneuve believes that Sebastian Vettel has finally realized that he cannot trust his team-mate Charles Leclerc at the Italian GP in Monza.

Sebastian Vettel was disappointed after finishing fourth in qualifying for the Italian Grand Prix in Monza, believing that he could win the best starting position with proper wind.

Vettel, who provided shelter to Charles Leclerc in the first attempt, revealed by qualifications that Monacan should have returned the favor in the second attempt, which Leclerc did not want to do.

Villeneuve is convinced that a minor conflict between the Ferrari racers in Monza was a good lesson for Sebastian Vettl.

Monza was a turning point for Sebastian as he realized he couldn't trust Leclerc. He is well aware now that his team-mate is his worst opponent, and he needs to adjust his racing in the future and put himself first.

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