For those unaware, the current weather right now in Singapore is not sunny, nor is it rainy.

It’s haze.

For those unaware as to what haze is, its when the forests over neighbouring Indonesia start burning down, probably through arsonists or those clearing the forest (which Indonesia seem to be cracking down on, fingers crossed). And with this time of year, the winds from Indonesia blow the smoke and haze from the forest fires along Sumatra up into Singapore.

The result? Our haze has entered ‘unhealthy’ levels, cracking the 24 hr PSI range at just over 100 in certain parts of the island. The 1-hr PM2.5 readings, which measure smaller particles that can cause lung infections, has also crept into the elevated stages as well, reaching 89 at some points. It’s not as bad as 2013 or 2015, where readings reached 400 fucking PSI, but it’s still something to watch out for in case fires get worse.

As most of y’all (unless you’re a lucky guy to get into an air-conditioned VIP suite or smth) attending the Grand Prix will be watching from open-air grandstands, viewing platforms or even hotel balconies if you shelled the money out, you could spend a few hours exposed to the potential haze.

So try to find a face mask if the haze gets worse, specifically N95 masks as they help with the PM2.5 particles as well. I know pharmacies like Guardian sell them as the National Environmental Agency (NEA) pushed additional stock out, but don’t be surprised if they sell out.

I know it’s not the worst haze we’ve ever had, and I’ve been in worse conditions without a mask, but if you care for your lungs and/or have respiratory problems, I highly advise finding a mask before you go and enjoy the race.

For keeping track of the haze, go to this site, where the NEA records live updates on the haze conditions in Singapore.

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