(Motorsport-Total.com) – The path of Mick Schumacher seems to be predetermined, his fate the premier class. “ The moment will come when he is ready for Formula One ,” said Mattia Binotto a few days ago. The Scuderia Ferrari therefore expects that a Schumacher is soon driven back by an aggregate of Maranello in the top series. This is also what compatriot Nico Hülkenberg says.

Mick Schumacher, Michael Schumacher


Mick Schumacher could, according to Hülkenberg already 2020 driving in F1 Zoom Download

“I am sure that we will see him in Formula 1 at the latest in two years,” the Emmericher believes in an interview with ' n-tv '. The Renault works driver has tracked the rise of the Schumacher scion. In his first Formula 2 season, he had “developed well.”

“Of course you have to see the conditions under which he grows up, the expectations are extremely high, the is not an easy situation, “Hülkenberg points out. Because again and again the comparison with record champion and father Michael Schumacher is strained.

Mick himself is with his meanwhile

years of cold and cool. He makes no secret of the fact that Formula 1 is his big goal. “I'll do my best to learn as much as I can, so I'm ready when the time comes, and I'm comfortable with whatever team,” he said after his first win in Budapest.

For the season 20 a formula 1-climb probably too early to come. In two years, however, most cockpits are not yet taken and the rule change could open a door for Schumacher. The first points of contact with the Formula 1 already existed: Since the beginning of the year he is a member of the Ferrari Driver Academy (FDA), the official junior forge of the Italians.

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In addition, he was allowed in Spa and 2017 in Hockenheim former Formula 1 racing cars (Benetton B 32 and Ferrari F 2004) by father Michael. “As far as I can judge from a distance, he is doing very well as he has just clinched his first [Formel-2-] victory,” says Hulkenberg.


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