This evening the first two special stages of the Rally Elba Storico, Round 8 of the 2019 European Historic Sporting Rally Championship, will be held on Italy’s third largest island. All stages are open to the public and the organisers of the Rally Elba Storico have made the following information available on the event website.

  1. Stage maps CLICK HERE
  2. Timetable CLICK HERE
  3. Spectator Safety Guidelines CLICK HERE

The two stages held on Thursday 19 September will be –

SS1 –  Nisporto-Cavo (13.75km) with the first car due at 19h59 CET

SS2 – Capolivieri Innamorata (7.24km) with the first car due at 21h47 CET

There will be a further four stages on Friday 20 September 

SS3 – Due Mari (22.48km) at 10h25

SS4 – Monumento (12.37km) at 11h38

SS5 – San Piero (13.74km) at 13h38 

SS6 – Due Coli (11.43km) at 14h36

There will be a final four stages on Saturday 21 September

SS7 – Volterraio Cavo – Barontini Petroli (27.07km) at 08h53

SS8 – Perone (9.72km) at 11h06

SS9 – Volterraio (5.68km) at 13h19 

SS10 – Nisporto-Cavo (13.75km) at 13h48. 

The ceremonial finish will take place in Piazza Matteotti in Capolivierifrom 15h25.

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