Formula 1 has sent a proposal to teams that foresees the abolition of the current starting point penalty for changing drive unit elements, and racers would be fined extra pounds of ballast, which they would need to put on their car before the race. .

Formula 1 and the FIA ​​want to eliminate the unpopular rule that requires racers to start the race completely from the start of the starting line when replacing the powertrain, and alternatively suggests weighting the race with extra pounds of ballast.

The proposal provides that the amount of ballast would depend on the offense of the individual racer. For example, to replace an individual element, the racer would receive 5 kg and to replace the whole unit 15 kg additional weight.

By adopting the proposal, the racer would be able to start the race from the starting point which he would have achieved in qualifying, and as a result, the additional weight would result in a few tenths per lap being slower.

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