(Motorsport-Total.com) – The modified plans of a Formula 1 race in Miami again encounter massive popular opposition. After the Downtown plans have already been rejected and a new plan worked out together with the football team Miami Dolphins , it came in a town hall to a large protest of the residents.

Miami: Bayfront Park und Biscayne Boulevard

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The Grand Prix, the originally planned in the city center, should now be relocated to the grounds around the Hard Rock Stadium of the Dolphins. The owner of the NFL team, Stephen Ross, is also the promoter of the race.

The location around the stadium is attractive as it requires fewer regulatory approvals for the race. After all, the racetrack would be built largely on the grounds that belong to the Dolphins. The club is allowed to hold any event on it.

Only a section of about one kilometer would be south of the stadium via the public road along the Northwest 199 th street lead. For this area, the promoters would need the approval of the local authorities.

On Tuesday evening, a meeting of the Dolphins with neighbors of the Miami Gardens took place. According to a report by the 'Miami Herald', an investigation found that the noise pollution from the Formula One cars was about the same as the start of a jet and over 120 would exceed decibels.

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According to the investigation, the residents may suffer permanent hearing loss. Among the round A woman spoke up and said that Formula 1 had no business in this “bedroom community”. For them the plans make no sense 'reported' 19042501 Local 10 com '.

Dolphins Director Marcus Bach-Armas had a lot to oppose. Above all, he underlined the economic impact of a race: “That's synonymous with a Super Bowl coming back every year.”

He promised to work with the community and local authorities to work together to ensure that the plan will minimize any negative impact. District Administrator Barbara Jordan, who organized the meeting, opposes: “This has strengthened my position, a clear no.”

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