Someone’s a hulk fan.

On a serious note, what is this hate about Grosjean? I know he is error prone and commits a lot of errors, but in terms of speed, Grosjean and Magnussen are very close to each other. Grosjean before Magnussen, was better than all his teammates except Raikkonen and Alonso, who are World champions. He is not slow, but is erratic. I don’t see why he doesn’t deserve any place in the sport. And if the F1 channel ( I hate to say this, but THE official F1 channel) really wants to see peak Grosjean, then they should re-watch Belgium 2015, where he got into the podium with that uncompetitive Lotus, or the 2nd half of 2013, where he was delivering great results and outperformed Raikkonen. Magnussen himself said it few years ago that Grosjean was the fastest driver he was paired with, and it’s the same Magnussen that was paired with Button and was only outqualified by 9-10 over the whole season into his rookie year. What the official F1 channel did was simply rude and stupid.

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