An emotional race full of battles and twists with two launched restarts due to safety car, and again the unbeatable rithm of Vesti. Great race by the “newcomer” Ticktum and Schumacher.

A humid track but dry along the trajectories sees drivers start with slick tires. On the grid left side of pole position is dry while the right is wet. A good start so by poleman Fittipladi, followed by Schumacher, while Vesti starting third loses many positions. Sophia Floerch is fourth.

On second lap Fittipaldi makes a mistake during braking and Schumacher overtakes him.

In the meantime Vesti has the best rithm and catches up on the German who has problems with too high tire pressure. A nice battle starts between the two with final overtake by the Danish 17’ to the end of the race. Vesti then manages to create a good distance from the followers.

In the braking point of La Caixa turn Sophia Floersch tries an overtake on Konsta Lappalainen who is a little wide on the curve, but the German drives does not control the car and hits the Finnish. Safety Car enters the track and at the restart Schumcher manages to be in the slipstream of Vesti, but does not manage to overtake him, while behind them an accident involves Floersch, Bardinon, Fraga and Sharon Scolari. Safety car is back on track and the restart is at 0’44” from the end of the race, with Vesti keeping first position and winning, while Fittipladi attacks and overtakes Caldwell, who exits on the gravel trying to resist.

Dan Ticktum in the meantime manages to overtake Schumacher and conquers final second position in front of the German and Raul Guzman.  

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