Although I watched a lot of F1 races with the commentary of Olav, I now prefer watching it with Sky Sport commentary. In the zero’s there was no other way then watch F1 with Olav or not watch F1, if you lived in the Netherlands. (Maybe you could watch it on the German RTL.) So I grew up with Olav and I liked to hear his commentary.

Since F1 popularity dropped in the Netherlands, it was not possible to watch it on public TV anymore. So I started downloading the races and watched them 6 hours later, this was around 5 / 6 years ago. I always downloaded Sky Sport races, and so I got addicted to the English way of F1 commentary. Now I have a F1 TV pro subscription and only listen to sky Sport audio. For me, watching F1 with Olav is just boring. Sky sport makes it so much better.

I have read the biography of Olav lately, and I must say that I’m impressed with him. Always enjoyed his commentary, but for now, sky sport is way better.

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