Although Ferrari's strategic department has often (rightly) been criticized in recent years, today Maradella's Scuderia and her command desk deserve all the praise as Ferrari, with a masterful strategy, achieved a double victory in the race, where before the race weekend began. virtually no one expected it.

Although Charles Leclerc may think after the race that Ferrari wrongfully stripped him of his victory and gave it to Vettle, the young racer will soon realize that Ferrari has acted primarily in the interests of the team and managed to achieve a clever strategy the best possible result.

Before the race, it was clear to everyone (except for the commentators on TV3 :)) that in the introductory part of the race, there was a slow train and extreme tire saving. Leclerc drove so slowly that even George Russell with Williams was a few laps faster than him. Monacan, of course, could drive about two to three seconds faster, but because of the great loss of time in the boxing squad, all teams want to end the Singapore race without an extra stop.

The psychological games began before the stops, which were first interrupted by Ferrari and called Sebastian Vettl for a stop. Mercedes was also surprised by the aggressive strategy, as they did not know in the silver arrow camp whether to cover Vettle or rather wait for Leclerc. In spite of Hamilton's different preferences, they chose the latter, but the British tires were no longer in a state that would allow Hamilton a
The idea of ​​undercutting is to make a few laps before the racer we want to overtake. A racer with an earlier stop gets the advantage of new tires and can, in principle, drive faster times than his competitor, who still rides with worn tires. If the rhythm difference is large enough, his rival will return for him after the stop and the undercutt will succeed. In principle, it is a series of two or three quick laps on fresh tires. Here, however, there is always the danger that the first-time racer returns to the slower racers and cannot take advantage of an earlier stop. “> Undercut
– u.
It means staying on the track where the direct competitor for the position enters a stop with an attempt: a) reducing the number of stops, b) the possibility of a faster rhythm on an empty lane, which is usually not the most effective except for races with extremely low tire wear (Monaco), c) tactical advantages in variable weather conditions. “href =” https://portal-f1.si/glossary/overcut/ “> overcut .

Leclerc returned to the track just behind Sebastian Vettl. Decisions were made by tithing and it could be different. Vettel secured the victory with a remarkable exit round that was not expected even with Ferrari. Unlike many races in recent years, this time Ferrari's strategy has been aggressive, uncompromising and, last but not least, very successful.

If Ferrari's dominance in Spa and Monza was anticipated, a double victory in Singapore is undoubtedly a great surprise and a serious warning to Mercedes. Ferrari is finally back.

Matej Plesey

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