In Italy, after a double victory for Ferrari in Singapore, the real euphoria prevailed, and Monday was expected to deliver “bombastic” headlines in the Italian daily newspaper.

While the Italian public sent Sebastian Vettel into the race after the Monza race, after the victory in Singapore, the German received an unprecedented amount of praise.

So what did the Italian media say after Ferrari's double win that, despite their overwhelming enthusiasm, point out that the Maranello team woke up a little too late:

La Repubblica:

“From a nasty duck to a spaceship in just three weeks? Is a double win in Singapore the third win in a row for the Reds, a miracle after a dramatic start to the season? Probably not. This year's Ferrari team was slow and unfinished. “

Gazzetta dello Sport

“Red wave. Ferrari is unstoppable. A double win with Vettel and Leclerc, a triumph that Maranello waited for two years. Sebastian Vettel broke the last victory spell. Thirteen months is an endless time for drivers accustomed to victories, glory and titles, but the spell has ended in Singapore. ”

Corriere dello Sport :

“Ferrari is back. Soldier Vettel can finally celebrate victory after a year full of mistakes. Mercedes is gone, Hamilton lost. ”

Tuttosport :

“Wettl's joy and Leclerc's anger: Sebastian found his way out of the tunnel. He defeated Leclerc to protest the team. The real news is that Ferrari is strong on every track. Now is the time to maintain this position of power. “

Corriere della Sera :

“Singapore's Vettel is celebrating its resurrection. Ferrari won with focus, prudence and determination to bring back the blows that appeared at the start of the season. Hamilton has not won since August 4, but Bottas is missing. ”

La Stampa :

“Red Revolution: Mercedes and Red Bull were crumbs. The rebirth of Vettl and his young colleague Leclerc is due to Maranell's hard work following the Hungarian disaster before the summer break. “

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