World Champion of the Season 2016 After the Singapore race, Nico Rosberg expressed his enthusiasm for the lap that Sebastian Vettel drove just after becoming boxing and was considered one of the best in his career four-time world champion.

Sebastian Vettel overtook team-mate Charles Leclerc in Singapore with an extraordinary pace after boxing and celebrated his first win of the season.

Vettel's racing in Singapore also impressed Nico Rosberg:

“After all the criticism he has received in recent weeks, he has shown incredible strength. After the Monza race, he found himself in a very challenging position, finding that he was also losing support in his own team. He won well deservedly in Singapore. His exit circle was downright epic. In my opinion, one of the best circles in his career. Computers used to say that hard tires can take up to two seconds, but Sebastian gained 4 seconds. “

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