The information is utterly worthless. They take a higher g-force in a corner to mean harder cornering because it ‘suggests’ they are taking it faster. Just that itself is incorrect. If someone goes slower but turns tighter they’ll produce a higher g-force than if someone takes the corner at a marginally higher speed but a less tight turn.

Their explanation for braking, where some people brake softly and longer because as they say, those drivers prefer getting on the throttle earlier than those who brake harder and later….. what?

It’s just, and always has been, some idiotic thing where someone decided data is always good and always meaningful and someone started recording and ranking these things randomly and trying to interpret it as meaningful. Even as they try to do so with their descriptions they say “this means that, and higher is better… but the winner here was low in half these metrics and a really slow guy was high in some metrics”. It’s utterly fucking meaningless.

One guy locks up all race because he’s braking too late, fucks his tires, pits an extra time and finishes 30 seconds down on his team mate, higher score for braking harder and later. THese numbers started several years ago, were obviously utterly worthless and after being shown for a few races the first season everyone just started ignoring them because as said, they just were worthless.

Some stats are useful, even meaningful but this data scoring started at a peak of every sport trying to turn every single stat into something meaningful.

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