After more than a year, Sebastian Vettel has once again stepped up to the highest podium of Formula 1. The German, who has recently received a lot of criticism after his poor form, was experiencing his first victory this season very emotionally…

“The last couple of weeks were not the best, but they were incredible to get so much support, so many letters, so many nice messages…

“It gave me a lot of strength, belief, and I tried to put it all into the track”

– Sebastian Vettel # SingaporeGP pic.twitter.com/3egslFtSBs

– Formula 1 (@ F1) September 23, 2019

Always with you, we win and lose together ***

Thank you champ! ? # SingaporeGP # Vettel

# Seb5 # F1 pic.twitter.com/tx2Ej1A3PI

– Sebastian Vettel # 5 (@sebvettelnews) September 1175784442096435200 , 2019

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