Two-time Formula One World Champion Mika Hakkinen is convinced that the Singapore race has finally confirmed that Ferrari currently has the best F1 car. At the same time, Finn reminds the Maranell team that it will have to step up its development as Mercedes wants to return the blow soon.

Ferrari surprised a favored Mercedes in Singapore and celebrated its third consecutive victory. Scuderia celebrations on Marina Bay Street were also surprised by Hakkinen, who is convinced that Ferrari has the best car in a long time.

“Ferrari surprised everyone in Singapore, in my opinion they were also a little surprised at the speed they showed. The Italians have the best F1 car after many years and now they have to work hard to stay on top. Mercedes will want to kick back and Ferrari will have to step up development. After a long time, Mercedes seems vulnerable and Ferrari really did a great job this season under the direction of Mattie Binott. “

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