(Motorsport-Total.com) – The Formula 1 is in season 206674 Driving in Vietnam for the first time. The Southeast Asian state, which has almost Set high goals: For the first Formula 1 Grand Prix a year (*****************************************************************************************************). (*************************************) People are coming.



Vietnam has set high goals for the Formula 1 premiere Zoom Download

The boss of the Vietnam Grand Prix Corporation, Le Ngoc Chi, says in the Sunday edition of ' Straits Times ': “We want to showcase our culture, business and people.” Vietnam, now only nominally socialist, is experiencing a huge economic boom and is now one of the most promising emerging markets in the world.

To Malaysia (last race ) and Singapore, Vietnam is only the third Southeast Asian country to hold a Formula One Grand Prix. It is also the first new race since Liberty Media took over Grand Prix racing.

The Republic wants to use the race to present itself as a tourist destination. In this sector, the not so far away Thailand has a much higher profile. At least Vietnam (***************************************************************************************) welcome. According to Le, interest in Vietnam has already risen internationally since the race was announced on April 5.

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*************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** , she says. “That would be the ultimate proof of a successful first Grand Prix for us.”

Grand Prix of Vietnam: A round in Hanoi

The street circuit in Hanoi (Vietnam) is coming The simulation of Tilke shows them from the onboard view Further Formula 1 videos

The Vietnam Grand Prix should be up to 45 flush millions of dollars a year into the coffers of Liberty Media. But since football is the much more popular sport, the entrance fees will be moderate and the costs hardly compensate. The cheapest ticket should cost

“We need to build the audience base, market the race and teach people how exciting it is and what it can bring our country Singapore is one of the greatest races and I have I already talked to the promoters there about how to get the event going. “

” This race is known for its great entertainment shows and has a real festival atmosphere, we need to get away with it So people do not say, 'Oh, that's like Singapore or Melbourne or some other city.' We want to offer an authentic Vietnamese experience. ” In addition to Singapore and Melbourne, Le and her team were also present at the Monaco race.

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