Highly recommend the interview he did with Motorsport Magazine. There are a lot of good anecdotes in it, like the one about the early medical cars:

“We had this two weeks later at Watkins Glen, an estate car with no rear seats, me in the front and the anaesthetist, Peter Byles, sprawled on the floor in the back. We borrowed a pair of helmets, Jody Scheckter lent me a set of overalls, and Peter got some overalls from James Hunt. He rather enjoyed giving autographs and kisses to the less knowledgeable female American spectators who saw the name on his overalls. The driver allocated to us was obese and sweating heavily, and obviously nervous. When the race started he set off in vain pursuit, hit the kerbs at the chicane and took off, landing very forcibly. We managed half the lap before peeling off, and just reached the medical centre before the field, led by Andretti, caught us up. After that Bernie made sure we had a proper car and a proper driver – usually one of the F1 chaps who hadn’t qualified for the race, but at least knew his way around.

“Later on I had regular, trusted drivers at each track. Phil Hill was my driver at Long Beach, for example, and I’ve been driven, among others, by Niki Lauda, Carlos Reutemann, Derek Daly and Alex Ribeiro. Vittorio Brambilla used to drive me at Monza. He would greet people with a bone-crunching handshake and a big grin and say, ‘I am the Monza gorilla!’ When he first turned up to drive the medical car I asked him if he had fully recovered from his 1978 head injury. ‘OK, OK, Doc,’ he said, adding proudly, ‘And I have another big head injury since then!’ He enjoyed getting the medical car into sideways slides in the wet, looking across at me with a broad grin.

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