Prior to the start of the race weekend in Russia, Charles Leclerc acknowledged that his reaction to the Singapore race was inappropriate and promised that it would not be repeated in the future.

After the race for the Singaporean GP, ​​Charles Leclerc was visibly dissatisfied with Ferrari's decision to stop as the first to call Sebastian Vettl despite being on the track behind him. Leclerc, who repeatedly complained about radio over the course of the race over Ferrari's strategy, said after the race that Ferrari had not acted fairly, in his view, he should have gained the first-place advantage as a leading racer himself.

Less than a week later, however, his passions had subsided, and Leclerc acknowledged that his reaction was somewhat exaggerated.

'This will never happen again. My reaction in the car was inappropriate, but adrenaline was also present at the time. The team did everything right because they would not have achieved a double win with a different strategy. I need to better control myself in these situations in the future. ”

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