Max’s onboard is delayed to give him a ‘head-start’ to show how much quicker he’s going that he can make up so much ground. Essentially, this is just intended to show how slow they’re really going to manage their tyres in the race.

Reason for different drivers is that FOM’s Onboard Channel only showed Verstappen’s Q3 fastest lap, and then only showed an onboard from Albon during the first stint of the race, so figured comparing Red Bulls is as close as I’d get.

As for DRS, yes in Qualifying you get DRS but if I chose a Race lap where the driver had DRS then arguably the turbulent air would have a significant effect on that race lap. I wanted a Race lap where they were simply managing tyres and not battling.

E: Title should read “…how much of a head-start the Race lap would need…”

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