Robert Kubica first tested a new steering wheel specification before Monza's racing weekend, which allows the Pole to control almost all components of the race car with his left hand.

Robert Kubica returned to Formula One this season with great zeal and media pomp . His return seemed almost impossible after a horrific rally that left him with permanent injuries to his right arm.

Formula 1's Cub collected 09 winning the stage, and 2008 finished the World Cup in a great fourth place . Regarded as one of the greatest talents in the world of motorsport, the Polish 2011 has suffered a serious accident with a rally racer. After seven years of long and arduous rehabilitation, Kubica returned to the fastest circus in the season 2019.

Williams has made it easier for the Pole to drive the F1 car with another specification of the steering wheel, which has the vast majority of buttons mounted on the left, and Cubica can consequently control the main components of his racing car with his left hand. At the same time, a new version of the steering wheel has a special rubber band on the right, which gives the damaged right hand a better grip.

# AMuS Robert Kubica has finally received his new steering wheel that should have been finished by February. Most of the buttons were moved from right to left so that the Pole could serve them with his good hand. pic.twitter.com/MCReba0zxN

– Junaid #JB 17 (@JunaidSamodien_) September 7, 2019

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