(Motorsport-Total.com) – “Valtteri, it's James”, the Mercedes strategist James Vowles radioed in the Grand Prix of Russia 2018 on the Finns and asked Valtteri Bottas to give his lead to Lewis Hamilton. A classic team order, which was also used in similar form in Singapore. It is important for the British to emphasize that he himself never requested such a measure.

Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas, Max Verstappen


Bottas had to slow down in Singapore to let Hamilton pass Zoom Download

That's never been my approach, I want to do a good job myself, “says Hamilton on the sidelines of the Russia weekend. “I've never asked for such a thing”, he emphasizes, adding that he “hated” the experience of the previous year.

Bottas himself did the “wingman” role of the previous year . forgot again . And Hamilton does not want to let his teammate help: “I wish I was not in such a position, I do not need help from someone to do a good job.” Apart from his team as a whole, of course.

Da Bottas the only remaining World Cup opponent ((****************************************************************) Points behind) Hamiltons, the fivefold world champion certainly does not like the Finn. After all, that is not in his hands. In the end, chief strategist James Vowles and team principal Toto Wolff decide what happens. “We have no influence on the strategy,” the Briton notes.

In the meeting after the Singapore race Bottas “has his concerns” about the team order at the Night race, Hamilton reveals. “I can not really do anything about it, Valtteri knows it was not done voluntarily, it was not about favoring the team, it never happened to us,” he says 34 – Yearlings.

After all, this is not a situation in which the team wants to be. “That's why we're working to make sure we do not get back into such a situation.” In the end, the Finn's back whistle in Singapore secured ranks four and five. “This is better from the point of view points than the ranks four and seven.”

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