(Motorsport-Total.com) – “ To be honest, I do not understand the undercut at all .” It was phrases like this that revealed Charles Leclerc's emotions in the Singapore Grand Prix on pit radio. The Monegasque, who was overtaken by his teammate Sebastian Vettel at the box, felt about his third Formula 1 victory brought. With a week's distance, his mind has calmed down. He seems purified.

Charles Leclerc


Charles Leclerc wants to pay more attention to his statements on the radio in the future Zoom Download

What is Leclerc taking from the Singapore weekend? What will he improve in the future? “Definitely the news on the box radio,” replies the (*********************************************************************************************) – year-old. In the review he could see that he had “clearly overreacted”. “That shows that I still have to learn a lot.”

Again he is ready to go to court hard with himself. This characteristic of His analysis of last Sunday has revealed: “In my situation, there was no reason to react that way.”

Leclerc: ” Have made the situation even more difficult “

Ferrari has made the right decision, he stresses. “We celebrated a one-two, we would not have done that with another strategy.” He has The triumph for the Scuderia finally counted “the most”.

He promises: “I will improve, that will not happen again in the future.” Although he had only expressed how much he wanted to win, but in the end that would only lead to more chaos.

In his defense, it should be mentioned that Ferrari Leclerc in the race did not inform on which strategy Vettel had been on the way. However, he does not want to blame the team: “No, because if you look at the strategy again, nobody expected the difference between the tires and Seb did a great out lap.”

Leclerc believes his team has underestimated the undercut. “I think we did not expect Seb to overtake me.” He can sympathize with how difficult it must be to set the correct strategy. “I made the situation even more difficult with my complaints.”

While the strategy was clear on the red pit wall, Leclerc remained in the dark until the end of the race. He wanted to attack towards the end and demanded full engine power, which he did not get. Could one have exchanged the seats at the end?

“Without the strategy there would not have been a double victory, of course you can always argue about such things, but Seb has done a great outlap always tricky. ” The internal rules in the team are certainly “pretty clear.”

Leclerc: “I just have to shut up” He has understood that Ferrari needed this double victory, his second place was recorded as collateral damage.

Leclerc has taken an apprenticeship for himself: he will press the button for team radio now, when he is in control. In the car this is always very difficult, because you are under adrenaline, I just have to control myself more in such situations. ” In other words: “I just have to shut up more.”

His relationship with the four-time world champion did not suffer. Although Leclerc was anything but happy about the situation after the race, he congratulated Vettel on his victory. “Yes, we talked afterwards, I do not think there was ever a problem between us,” he emphasizes

– Yearlings.

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The German jumps Leclerc in Russia to the side. He did not blame him. In the debriefing one spoke only little about the past race. Vettel also believes that the undercut story does not damage their relationship.

“I can understand his displeasure in some ways, but considering the last few weeks, I think so not the wrong decision, “emphasizes Vettel. It is in the nature of the competition that the runner-up is less pleased than the winner.

“Charles challenges me, I challenge him.” The Heppenheimer does not want to know more about the Singapore race. In general he advocates that radio messages are not placed too much on the scales

Vettel: radio messages are “over-interpreted” Something says if the ball slips or if it hits him well … “, compares the German,” then it makes no sense anyway. “

emotions are normal during the competition, that's just part of it. On the contrary, Vettel even advocates these outbreaks, because it would be a negative sign, a pilot would not want to fight for victory. Then you would not care about that, then you could not be at this level. “

Therefore, the statements of Leclerc on the radio in the heated night of Singapore also” not tragic “. He advises: “I would not over-value any radio message, if one calls the other as 'Idiot'. That's why there was not much talk after the Grand Prix. Behind the scenes run “much less”, as some believe, says Vettel.

Rival Lewis Hamilton recalls his early days in F1. He was also “bluntly” gone on the box radio to work. He was more cheeky than necessary, he sees today. That's what happens when you're a racing driver.

“I wish I knew a lot more than me I had the opportunity to win races, but I wanted to win every race – you can not do that, that's in the DNA of a racer, “the Briton knows

That's why he advises Leclerc : “You have to be grateful for the chance to win races with a top team and I do not think that anyone else has ever managed to move to Ferrari in the second year, which is an incredibly privileged position that should always remembered. “

Although the Monegasse has overtaken the German through his two victories in Belgium and Italy, Vettel lurking but

“If we were first and second in the World Cup, far ahead of each other, that would be a different situation, but that's not it and we are still battling for the constructors' championship and I think everything was done right in Singapore, “concludes Leclerc.

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