Formula One caravan rumors are growing that Mclaren's team is close to agreeing with Mercedes to end the season 2021 rekindle a legendary partnership with a German manufacturer.

Even though the Mclaren team is experiencing significantly better times after leaving Honda together with Renault, the Woking team should be looking forward to the season 2021 return to Mercedes.

Mclaren raced with Mercedes engines for the last time of the season 2014 and then the legendary British team decided for a partnership with Japan Honda, which was, however, marked by numerous failures and poor results.

The Woking team is looking forward to working with Mercedes on this season 2021, as Mclarn is said to be the opinion was that this was the best solution to help the second most successful F1 team to the top.

Mclaren team boss Andreas Seidl did not deny any return to Mercedes,

“We have a valid contract with Renault for next year, and we will see what happens in the season 2021. We must first analyze the whole situation and then we will make a decision. ”

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