Although Kimi Raikkonen believes that the current format of qualifying for relegation is satisfactory, the Finnish veteran would prefer to see a return to the “old” system where racers were able to drive to the track at any time during the qualifying hour.

One hour or so format. The one-hour shootout system was present in Formula 1 between 1996 and

and was replaced by one qualifying round in 2003.

Raikkonen, who has been racing in Formula One for almost 20 years, would like to see Formula 1 return to the qualifying hours system.

“The current format is perfectly fine, but if I could choose, I would choose the one we had in my first season in F1: one hour of qualifications, three sets of tires, and 12 circles you can do whenever you want. Qualifications have changed a lot over the years and I honestly doubt that this has had a major impact on the results themselves. ”

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