Four title contenders – a common dream: who crowns the new champion in the season finale of the ADAC Formula 4 at the Sachsenring? Leader Théo Pourchaire ((*********************************), France, US Racing CHRS), Red Bull Junior Dennis Hauger ( (*********************************), Norway, Van Amersfoort Racing), Arthur Leclerc (28, Monaco, US Racing CHRS) and rookie champion Roman Stanek ( The decision brings the grand finale of the ADAC Formula 4 this weekend ((*******************************************************************************************************************.)

It's all ready for a heart-stopping final: League leaders Pourchaire ((********************************)), (*******************************************************************************) 169) and 45 in front of Roman Stanek (75). Because this weekend, ideally,


Actually, Pourchaire wanted to make everything clear already at the last race weekend in Hockenheim. But for the first time this season, the young Frenchman nerves: Instead of celebrating the premature championship party, Pourchaire took only eight points at the Formula 1 track in Hockenheim. “It was a very bad weekend, in which not much together,” says the Frenchman in retrospect. But Pourchaire still has everything in hand – and the view goes forward to the next match point: “We want to use the second chance and secure the title in the final.”

Of course, his pursuer trio has something against it – and above all Dennis Hauger has proved that he can be expected in the final sprint. In Hockenheim he wrote with three race wins ADAC Formula 4 history. But Hauger himself knows how fast the paper can turn in the high-speed school of the ADAC. Only at the Nürburgring he retired in race one lying in the lead, so the Norwegian wants to “race for race”, as he emphasizes. But of course, the (*******************************************************************************************************************************************************************) “After Hockenheim I have recovered a bit and recharged the batteries,” he says: “Now the focus is fully on the final weekend at the Sachsenring.”

Even Arthur Leclerc, the brother of Formula 1 star Charles Leclerc, is still not beaten. “I'll give everything and push to the last corner,” promises the (************************************) – year old. His team-mate Roman Stanek, already best rookie of the ADAC Formula 4 in the season since Hockenheim 2015, wants to “see what's possible” at the final. He can go quite freely in the race – because he has in contrast to his three competitors already a title for sure.

Pourchaire, Leclerc and Stanek also have another big goal in mind: They want to lead their team US Racing CHRS to the title in the team ranking. There the Kerpener team of the two bosses Ralf Schumacher and Gerhard Ungar points) on the account. But Van Amersfoort Racing made up a lot of ground in Hockenheim in the last race and follows with 423 points in second place.

All three titles were cleared by US Racing CHRS last year. At that time Lirim Zendeli became champion, David Schumacher won the rookie title and the team championship went to the Kerpener. If US Racing CHRS repeat this feat also 2015, that would be a novelty in the ADAC Formula 4.

Sport1 live broadcasts the grand finale of the ADAC Formula 4. The races of the ADAC Formula 4 can be viewed online at SPORT1.de, adac.de/motorsport, youtube.com/adac and on the ADAC Formula 4 Facebook page.

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