The F1 Racers Association, represented by Romain Grosjean, has unanimously opposed Formula One leadership plans to try out some experimental solutions to F1 weekends in the coming season, such as an additional qualifying race with a reverse start type.

Formula 1 wants more unpredictable racing in the coming season, and one idea is to have an additional Saturday race with a reverse start, which among the racers will be over-approved.

Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel have expressed their opinion on the additional race in Singapore.

Hamilton : I don't know how best to express myself, but the one who came in the day with this idea he does not understand why he really goes in for this sport.

Vettel: This idea is perfect sr ****. Formula 1 won't solve anything.

Hamilton (laughing): That's exactly what I wanted to say.

Before the race in Russia, President Romain Grosjean also expressed opposition to experimenting with the rules on behalf of the GPDA Racers Association.

“According to racers, the problems are not in the format of a race weekend, but they are bigger than that. The problems are over-sensitive tires and aerodynamics, uneven distribution of money and heavy cars. If these problems were resolved, the racehorses would take a major step forward. In any case, we are against the experiments announced by Liberty Media. “

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